Tuesday, 29 June 2010

On Lithuanian Summers

It might take a long time for a Lithuanian summer to start properly (in June we had just a few sunny and hot days), but when it does, it is something to be happy about!

The meadows then are full to the brim with wild flowers. White chamomile, red poppies and blue cornflowers – I wish Lithuanian landscape would never change.

Even the air is full of life. Someone’s buzzing; someone’s changing their flight path and accidentally bumps right into you!

The water must be getting warm. And even if your first dip this year is making you anxious (is it warm enough already? I remember skating here last winter…), the others will be enjoyed to the full.

And let’s not forget the garden. When would you have a better opportunity to become a florist and make the prettiest arrangements?

Everything’s just perfect – any worries? Hmm… How to scare the birds away from all the cherries and to make such summer last forever!

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