Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Spring, to Spring...

Although we’ve been hearing on the news that we still might get some sleet over Lithuania, the weather hasn’t been bad these days. I can finally say - spring is here!

The days are getting warmer and flowers are poking their heads from the soil; more and more gardeners bend their backs over fresh and neat bedding that will soon SPRING to life.

(Anymore meaning for 'spring'? I can think only of the 'spring of life'... Need to consult a dictionary.)

Looking at the fields you could say it’s still pretty grim.

I agree that the colours are still a bit dull, but the storks have come back, so the summer is on its way as well.

(Wish I had a better zoom on my camera... Oh, and one for macro shooting too...)

Well, for me Lithuania is beautiful at anytime of the year and I’m glad I had a day out visiting some lovely little towns. Hope to have enough SPRING to do it some time soon once again.

(Yes, I had a look in the dictionary…)

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

An Update in Pictures

Right... it must have been nearly a month since the last post... Everything's ok, I've just been too busy, but hope to start finding time for blog again!

So here's a little update on what's BEEN and IS happening over here:

The Easter cupcakes have been eaten...

...and while some of us are "soaking up" every bit of Sun...

...I finally found out what colour is the flower that I've been given by my friend...

...and I'm getting ready for the gardening season!

More from me will follow soon. Let's hope so... ;)