Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Just A Perfect Day

When I go through the photos that I took on the 1st of July for my friend’s Birthday I keep hearing the song by Lou Reed – “Perfect Day” - in my head. And even the song goes: “just a perfect day, drink sangria in the park and later, when it gets dark, we’ll go home” – I think that drinking champagne in the dunes is just as PERFECT. Oh, and a BBQ in the dark is also quite spectacular (although if things go wrong, you end up feeling like a smoked sausage)! But what made the day so special for me was meeting my friends, whom I don’t get too see very often. So I could keep singing:

“Oh, it’s such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you…”

Location: Juodkrante, Lithuania. A tiny town on the Curonian Spit, with not many people, but loads of colourful old houses, green meadows, smoked fish, yahts and of course water (Curonian Lagoon on one side and the Baltic on the other).

Birthday Girl: Jovita. Eighteen again, and what did you think!? Lots of Happy Birthday's were received via mobile phone - oh, that 21st century...

One of the Guests: Dovile - another victim of the BBQ (there must have been something wrong with the logs that night?). I must admit we were good and managed to finish what we've started, without moaning too much; although eating at midnight can't be very healthy.

Flowers: A nice bunch of colourful summer flowers. You must admit, it counts as a good reason to be happy that your Birthday is in the middle of the summer!

Cake: An even better reason to celebrate choosing the best time of the year to be born! Home grown stawberries + self picked wild strawberries, whipped cream and suckulent spunge... Well, it tasted as good as it looks (if not better)!

By the Lagoon: You can see that this is the place where you can relax, think slowly and forget all your worries. Open your eyes widely and admire every single wonder of nature.
That's where we saw a pretty seagull, probably wondering if we've brought any bread with us (we hadn't).

And a busy bee on a bright green plant. (It's a pity I didn't get its companion, just half of it flying in from the right corner.)

And these neglected boats would be the best image to reflect that time in Juodkrante runs slowly: from summer to summer, as that's when the tourists bring a bit of novelty into previously probably even a bit dull life.

Beach: As I still haven't mentioned the dog, here she is! Jumping happily when she's told she's going out and at all times not trusting the guests - it's a dog that can't be touched and you have to move around the room on her terms. (Look at that balance! How doesn't she fall on one side!?)

Some soft evening colours (at around 9pm.). Couldn't wait for the sun set as we still had our BBQ to fit in!

And nearly the whole of the company (somebody had to take photos) in the dunes; hiding from not so warm summer breeze, remembering funny stories from the past, wishing all the best for the years to come...

As I said before - just a perfect day! And still humming: "I'm glad I spent it with you..."

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nikkipolani said...

I took a deep breath looking through these idyllic images, Kristina. So lovely that you got to spend time in such good company and with so many lovely and relaxing things to see and smell and eat! Delightful.