Thursday, 18 March 2010

One of the Promised Portraits

Here’s Prada – one of the newly "catnapped" individuals. (Black as a devil and as we all already know 'devil wears prada' - hence the name.)

Very brave and agile, yet looking so scarred! So it is true – looks can be deceiving.

Born on the street, still knows all of the cat secrets: the best spot is in the sun, sleep makes you beautiful and you should avoid water at any cost!

One word to describe her – nutter!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Spring? Where is it?

Although the sun is very bright and sitting indoors one might be fooled into thinking it’s summer, we haven’t even reached the actual spring!

In theory it is spring (well, looking at the calendar), but when you look out the window all you can see is snow… It’s not very pleasant in the morning as the temperature still drops far below zero (for e.g. to -11C) and on a windy day you certainly would prefer spending time somewhere by a fire place.

But just to remind ourselves that sometime soon (hopefully) we will be able to work in the garden and sunbathe and hide away the heavy coats, gloves and scarves, we keep buying spring flowers!

At the moment I’ve gone for yellow daffodils and tulips. And probably tomorrow will go out to get some birch branches that should be covered in little green leaves just before Easter.

Oh, and just after this weekend the sowing season begins!

Monday, 1 March 2010

A Little Church

So many things have happened since my last post… First of all it seems that spring is on its way! That’s really good – more sun and loads more time spent outside – I can hear my cats cheering as these are proper sun bathing enthusiasts :) (The cat community in our house this year has increased twice! When the two new ones get better I promise to post some portraits.)

I wouldn’t say that it’s very pleasant outside at the moment - the snow is retreating and it’s quite damp, but last weekend I’ve been to a surprise Birthday party where we managed to spend lots of time by a still frozen lake.

It was a bit chilly and in the end I had wet feet, but none of us had to swim in the freezing water (like the guys in the above photo) and later on we were treated to a very nice homemade cake.

As the party was held 200km away from where I live, I even had a chance to look around some places I’ve never been to before. The best was seeing a little church that’s in almost every photo album about Lithuania - Zapyškio Šv. Jono Krikštytojo bažnyčia.

It’s a pity we couldn’t go in as the church is opened only for special events. It’s been built in 1578, but there haven’t been any masses since 1901. It’s had such a long and sad history (been used as a place for storing, been damaged by the flooded river) that we should be happy that after all those years it’s still there, on the bank of the biggest river in the country.