Saturday, 29 August 2009

A Few Signs that it’s Nearly Autumn

A week or so ago I was thinking that summer will leave us soon, but at the same time believed that there are still enough days to enjoy the rest of it. Now I’m noticing that everything’s changing quite fast – we get more and more rain, the sky is turning cloudier and I have to push myself hard to get out into the open. No, it’s not cold (yet), but my mood is somehow different – I guess I’m turning into a rodent (not literally!) who wants to prepare its den for the winter.

Since last April I haven’t touched my knitting needles, but now in just three days I’ve managed to make a new jumper! No need to think I’m some “SK” (superknitter) – it’s just a small jumper for my 2 year old godson, but still it’s a garment that will have to keep him WARM.

What do you make of it? I’d say that my biological clock is working well (apart from the fact that I’m 29 and think that I’m FAR too young to have children). Anyway, let’s shout “hurray!” for the knitting season. And here’s one more knitting pattern.

It isn’t difficult and looks good, can you ask for more?

Please use the diagram below.

Hopefully one day I will be able to post some photos of my nephew actually wearing the jumper – it’s hard as he lives 300km away from me; but it seems that my niece likes hers a lot! She couldn’t put it down while spending a week here with us. By the way my nephew is in one of the photos below – he’s the stripy one on the horse.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

The Crafty Mess

Just the other day I read Kel's (a friend from the Independent New Zeeland!) post about how he is working on his book and what things help him to concentrate and generate original thoughts.

(This post can be found here:

I realised that indeed there has to be a special media where you'd feel good and inspired. (I haven't got a room that would be dedicated for my 'projects', so arty things happen all over the house... but I'd like to have one. And meanwhile I have just a special box that is kept for inspiration: there's lots of magazine and newspaper clippings with photos or stories that attracted my attention.)

Anyway, yesterday I dropped by a family's friend, who makes jewellery and realised that her source of inspiration can be found in her kitchen!

That's the kitchen window with lots of angels and stones, and a very nice view into her private garden.

I was allowed to take some photos - to tell the truth I've been willing to do that for ages, but never was brave enough to ask if I could... (What was wrong with me that day???).

Handmade pots and an old hmm... thing for dusting your carpets. Do people still use them?

For someone who likes modern things this room would look like a complete mess, but I think it's simply brilliant!

Wooden boards and a salt-cellar with a lazy cat.

Bright yellow walls, colourful kettles, tiny details and a real stove that produces lots of heat in the winter! (Sorry I didn't get the stove, but I had some camera problems that day.)

This kitchen might not be suitable for a gourmet chef (there aren't any fancy pots, cookers or food processors), but it's perfect for a busy artist, who's experiencing her angel period at the moment.

The cluttered work table with lots of metal things on it.

And here's one of the silver angels with golden halo and heart. Still not finished, but getting there...

Monday, 17 August 2009

Denmark And Austria - More Books

I haven’t posted anything on my Virtual Tour for a long time, but it’s not because I haven’t been reading… it’s just that I didn’t have enough time to write thorough reports. So I guess it will be best if I just give a quick update on several books at a time and provide some links where, if need be, more information can be found.

Denmark – Peter Hoeg “The Quiet Girl”

This book appeared in 2006 and in Denmark ‘was generally disregarded as being either too complex or too post-modern’. I must admit it was quite complicated – reading it I could feel that it’s been written by a very intelligent person whose knowledge in most subjects is far greater than of a standard European (no doubt mine as well…). At the same time it was a book which made me laugh out loud – the author’s sense of humour is simply brilliant – I wish I could have such a healing attitude towards life!

You might already be familiar with Peter Hoeg if you’ve read his “Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow”. For more information on this book please have a look here:

Austria – Susanna Kubelka “Ophelia Learns to Swim”

Susanna Kubelka was born in Austria, but now is presented as a German speaking writer who lives in France. Although “Ophelia Learns to Swim” was written in 1987 it can be easily confused for a very modern book, which encourages women to live their life with no regrets, taking every chance (hence all the 40 lovers that Ophelia has counted…). Such attitude isn’t for me, but I know that nowadays it’s quite popular. Well, the book wasn’t too bad and I guess in some ways it was even inspiring – advertising the thought that you shouldn’t stop and should always continue to follow your dreams.

For more information on this book please have a look here:

Sunday, 16 August 2009

2009 Summer Favourites

That’s it: from now on the rest of the summer days will simply melt… I can already spot the changes – cool breeze, stormy nights and swirls of yellow leaves on the road sides… It’s not that I’m not ready for autumn (it has its own charm), it’s just that the summer has been so short… yet full of nice and exciting moments.

Don't forget to open your eyes wider, grab the last summer rays and fill your life with colourful memories!