Friday, 4 June 2010


Although the summer has just begun and everything’s in colour, my mood is pretty grim. (Been thinking about life in general a lot and felt so small after realizing that nothing changes after someone’s gone – the sun still rises, the birds sing their songs and the whole world keeps moving forward...) I love colours, but influenced by the recent atmosphere I decided to apply the black and white test to my photos.

Black and white photography has always seemed very sophisticated to me. You need such photos to carry so much more feeling within them in order to portray the mood or emotion, to capture one’s eye.

I guess I’d be the one who’d say that there’s never only black and white – there’re so many shades of grey; still sometimes it feels as if the darker side is stronger...

Maybe that’s why it is important to hang on and to put as much effort as you can so that the light and the good would prevail?

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nikkipolani said...

Dear Kristina. I'm sorry you're grieving over a loss and hope that with time and healing, color will re-enter your life. Hugs.