Friday, 4 February 2011

Twelve Minus One

I guess we already can nearly touch spring – January is left behind and February will be over before I know it, so very soon, on the 1st of March, I will be celebrating a new beginning.

It’s snowing hard at the moment, but the temperature is above zero; huge white flakes disappear just as they reach the ground and even if they manage to form a thin layer, tomorrow they’ll be gone. Simple mathematics comes to mind: twelve minus one and we can add the plus next to the degrees on the weather maps! twelve minus two and it will get even warmer... I'm sure I will keep counting.

Winter activities continue to be something you can do while snuggling on the sofa – knitting wooly jumpers, reading books and watching films. Light deprivation pushes to seek for more colours, so painting is an option too – just on a sunny day, which happens hmm… once a week. As soon as we get more light during the day I will use my green fingers for opening hundreds of seed packets (maybe not so many, but it certainly seems that way) I’ve acquired in the past few months and sowing seeds, that hopefully will turn into big and healthy plants.

I must have missed gardening a lot, otherwise why would a flowering amaryllis evoke so much emotion and wake my sleeping secret talents up? I’m not sure the outcome will be worth bragging about, but it certainly was fun to follow every outline of the stem and bursting buds. The painting hasn’t been finished yet, I’m getting there slowly… It takes hours and hours, but this time flies.

The flower has changed a lot, as it has fully opened up by now, but this will only provide more inspiration for another canvas. Can't wait!

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