Monday, 7 February 2011

There's Always a "But"

Yesterday the sun was out all day. I think many got confused and actually decided that winter can be left behind. They’ve made a big mistake – although the fields are getting rid of their white coats, today it’s been miserable, foggy and too damp. Oh, and if to believe the latest weather forecast, a huge snow storm will reach us just in a few days. (February is well know for its severe blizzards - hard to believe!)

Althought we couldn’t enjoy the first rays for too long, they’ve already started their job – some of the snow and ice has melted and it’s very nice to be able to walk on a solid ground: without being afraid of slipping, falling off and breaking bones! But (have you noticed how there’s always a “but” in life?) some Lithuanians must be dreading the warmer weather – every spring certain areas of western Lithuania flood and force the locals to leave their houses.

The floods have started and several families have already been moved; vast fields are still covered in ice, but the process has begun… Even the main road can end abruptly and you can cross it at your own risk, just make sure you follow the high white/black poles that mark the tarmac strip beneath the water.

Every day someone has to measure the depth. 15cm isn’t much, but they might have used a faulty ruler or chosen the highest point (the situation looked a bit worse than just 15). Still there were plenty brave ones who managed to reach the other side and plenty curious ones to observe the natural forces or wonder why no one does do anything about this. (By the way, the sign reads "water depth" and the "add", next to the informative sheet with 15cm on it, has been stuck by a helpful person, who is offering something that the English call "chesties" - long waders that go up to your chest. Some have brilliant businessmen in them!)

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BeadBag said...

Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my Foodee Blog - I have been browsing your Blog and it seems to be as ecclectic as mine! We both seem to enjoy making things ... specially food!

I hope you're not badly affected by the floods. These can be so destructive.
Kindest regards, Shirley I.