Friday, 28 January 2011

Core Details

If it wasn’t for the white fields you could easily be fooled the sun was rising somewhere hot!

Looking at the edge of the bright disk, tangled in the leafless bush, I’d even go for Africa. Sadly the bright red sky over here means - it’s freezing cold outside. (Just when I hoped that winter was getting milder, the temperature dropped to -16C at night.) We’ve also had some more snow, so it’s really pretty out there, but I am getting fed up with the never ending cloud that has occupied the skies.

I shouldn’t complain much as just a few days ago the sun was so bright I even thought of getting new sunglasses. Hopefully, as we are getting closer to the warmer months’, such occasions won’t be a rare thing, and, if I get the new sunglasses, I'll know it was money well spent. Meanwhile, the more light, the warmer it feels and the longer I can stay outside trying to capture the smallest core details comprising our winter. Here you go, my scientific self has looked at the anatomy of frost!

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