Monday, 19 October 2009

Showing Kitty to the World

The cat that we "catnapped" last week, Kitty Emerald is getting a bit better: she’s eating more, doesn’t hiss at the other animals and is cleaning here fur! When we got her she was a bit smelly, but now she seems to pay a lot more attention to her personal hygiene. I’m sure she won’t ask us to get her a tooth brush, but if she continues her rituals, she might even avoid a bath!

Sadly a vet had to be involved, but it seems that the injections, that we will have to give her for a couple more days, are helping. Syringes and needles, as you can imagine, aren't our best friends, but antibiotics and vitamins are certainly doing their job. And as Kitty seems to be more confident in the house I took some photos.

Sorry about the quality – we have an immensely jealous dog, who can’t understand why someone else gets a bit more attention than her… So one sniffs, the other moves and here’s what comes out:

Here you can see my slipper and extremely cute bent Kitty's whiskers!

Here's a better one. But she looks a bit worried... The dog must have stood just behind me.

Lovely green eyes.


nikkipolani said...

Glad to see Kitty Emerald is doing better. That's funny about your jealous dog. The kitten in my home could care less when I give attention to the older cat. In fact, she seems to say, "Oh, good. Maybe you'll quit trying to hug and kiss me!"

nikkipolani said...

Oh, I'm so sad about Kitty. Hugs to you, Kristina.