Friday, 16 October 2009

At the Right Time

Today in the morning we had our first frost this autumn - it's a bit early, but still very exciting.

I woke up thinking it will be another wet and miserable day, but the sun was rising in a clear blue sky, so I looked out of the window and the fields around the house were white! It was so pretty... I admired the sight for a few minutes and then decided to grab my camera and take some photos, while walking the dog. (By the way, when we left the house the dog looked like she had just won the lottery - show a husky something what looks at least a bit like snow and they go mad!)

Walking in the garden I realised that so many jobs haven't been done - still need to put turf on roses, lavender and other plants that are likely to suffer during the winter period, need to dig out dahlias, rake the leaves, and gather walnuts... Well, I think you are getting the idea of what I'll be busy with this weekend… But I shouldn’t complain, as there are certain things that HAVE been done at the right time.

First of all I've nearly finished my extremely warm mohair scarf - a few more evenings and I'll be ready for the coming winter, and more importantly - I think we've saved life to a cat. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but our Kitty Emerald (yes, she’s got a very posh name!) is so thin at the moment… She doesn’t do much, just stays in her new cosy bed, doesn’t eat much and seems a bit miserable, but I hope she will survive. Well, she wouldn’t have much of a chance if she had stayed on the street in this weather… I’ll keep you informed.


Anne said...

Oh, Kristina, everything looks sugar coated. No wonder the dog was so excited. I don't think she was thinking one moment about the chores yet to do ;-)
('tis me, nikkipolani; openID isn't working)

Kristina said...

Yes it does look like sugar :) I have more photos like that, I take them every year and still get very excited - there is something special about frost and snow and the way it can transform our surroundings. Thanks for your post!

Terri Conrad said...

kristina, what stunning photographs - given we do not get frost where my family and I call home, it's such a pleasure to see images from those who actually experience the seasons.

thanks for sharing

Kristina said...

Thank you for your lovely post, Terri.