Friday, 30 October 2009

Autumn Stories

It’s been a long time since I last posted anything, but there’s a reason – I feel very guilty of rushing off and telling everyone about Kitty. The day I did it, we were sure she was going to make it, but her illness must have been stronger than we thought it would be.

We had her for less than a week, but she straightaway became a member of the pack, so no doubt it took some time, before I started to calm down and realise that despite such sad moments life CAN BE and IS beautiful.

Now I keep looking around and enjoy all of the autumn stories:

- about leaves silently changing their colour, sparkling in the sun and then falling on the ground;

- about a boy, who tried to catch the wind and for a split second took off the solid ground;

- or some simple joys of life: a warm scarf, a cup of tea and an ability to watch the setting sun form inside a cosy house.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry poor Kitty is gone from your life. But I'm glad to see tha tyou are looking to the positive and the beauty around you.

iHanna said...

Sorry about the kitty, but glad you can remember life is beautiful - your photos are great great great!