Sunday, 4 October 2009

Rustic Apple Pie

I can’t believe that it’s October! Already!?

Well, if I look out of the window… I suppose it really is. The wind is very strong and it keeps raining non stop. I raked all the leaves yesterday, but the grass is covered in them again today… Don’t want to go out! And I don’t think I will, although I’m tempted to see the waves in the Baltic… Anyway, till it stops raining I will sit in our warm house, read my book and enjoy the so called rustic apple pie that I made last night.

If your or your friends’ orchard is full of apples, don’t be lazy and make one as well!

Rustic Apple Pie

125g melted butter
125g sugar
2 big eggs
375g flour
2 tea spoons of baking powder
¼ tea spoon of salt
70ml milk
4 biggish apples
2 spoons of any jam

Use food processor to mix sugar and eggs, add butter and mix till sugar dissolves completely. Flour, baking powder and salt should be mixed separately and then this mix should be gradually added to the sugar, eggs and butter mix. Keep pouring milk, so that your dough wouldn’t go hard.

Prepare a round baking tin – cover it in butter and then coat it with flour. Once your dough is solid place it in the baking tin. The top of your dough should be then covered in sliced apple without the skin.

Bake your pie for about 40-50 minutes, your oven should be preheated to 180C.

When you take your pie out of the oven cover the top in jam. Eat it while it’s hot! as autumn is all about colours and hot food :)


Sea Angels said...

That looks like a fabulous pie...oh I will try that I will get some apples tommorow thankyou so much xxx
Our weather has been very similar and the outlook is like that to..somtimes I like it cold and rainy so I can stay in and be cosy, all wrapped up, but sunny days are lovely in the autumn too I know just how you feel.
Thankyou for your kind words and your visit.
Hugs Lynn xxx

Out for Lunch said...

It is in the oven. cheers

Kristina said...

Well, let me know if it was tasty! :)