Sunday, 16 August 2009

2009 Summer Favourites

That’s it: from now on the rest of the summer days will simply melt… I can already spot the changes – cool breeze, stormy nights and swirls of yellow leaves on the road sides… It’s not that I’m not ready for autumn (it has its own charm), it’s just that the summer has been so short… yet full of nice and exciting moments.

Don't forget to open your eyes wider, grab the last summer rays and fill your life with colourful memories!


Out for Lunch said...

it is just to soon Krista. summer was just to short. i am not ready for wear shoes, jumpers and long trousers yet. :-(

nikkipolani said...

Though in our climate, summertime weather continues for another month at least -- but you are right about the feeling that summer is ending. Fall's schedule is just around the corner. Lovely images of your summer!