Friday, 31 July 2009

Hundreds of Masts

Where are you going to be this weekend? If not in Klaipeda (Lithuania) you will miss the hundreds of masts that reached our harbour yesterday evening…

So far I’ve seen just a few, but they all make me want to explore the far away seas – the Mediterranean and the Aegean… (I prefer hot countries and light blue waters that you can see in the fancy post cards!). I’m so jealous… but only for a few minutes, as looking at the rocking boats I remember that I’m very good at feeling dizzy whenever I’m not on stable ground... Still, I hope I can overcome this one day!

The Tall Ships’ Races 2009 is the greatest event of the Millennium anniversary of Lithuania in the West of the country! (Oh, yes, it certainly is!)

Some info from the official website: „for the first time in the millennium history of our country so many sailing ships with foreign flags are going to visit Klaipeda Seaport simultaneously. This supreme event will serve as a good occasion to our country’s citizens understanding that Lithuania is not only the Maritime State engaged in cargo handling, but the port’s activities are also related to sailing ships.”

To my mind sailing is getting more and more popular (the theory classes I attended last spring were full), but no doubt it’s a sport for the rich. It’s not enough just to buy a yacht – you must think of how much it will cost to keep it. I guess it’s the old story about any expensive thing – even if you can buy it, but you can’t afford to run it or keep it - it’s not for you.

Anyway, it’s free just to have a look at them, so at the moment I’m using this opportunity and keep my fingers crossed that one day someone else will be looking at my vessel!

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Sea Angels said...

I can see just what you mean, how very very romantic the boats are, they seem to wisper 'come and travel with me' don't they...
Thankyou for your book recomendations ..that was very kind of you..I will look them up and indulge myself..
Have a lovely weekend
Hugs Lynn xxxx