Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Here We Go Again

It seems that I haven’t even noticed how, but 12 precious days of this New Year have already gone. The holidays’ period must have been very stressful, as it has taken me longer than ever to get back to the normal life. We’ve been fighting with snow and ice (at the moment the temperature is above zero, so everything’s melting), working hard on new projects and finishing off old jobs. Everything’s slowly moving forward and it looks like we are making headway. I guess that’s what life should be about - a step at a time, but to the right direction.

The above image represents January in my 2011 calendar. Can you believe it, I’ve done it! I’ve been dreaming about this for so long… Well, too long. The printed versions haven’t reached me yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed I won’t be disappointed with the quality. I know it’s not a huge achievement as I haven’t sold any copies, but would you argue if I said that that’s one of the small steps to the right direction?

I haven’t set any enormous goals for 2011, although I could think of a few. I have mapped out a few destinations and if everything goes well I will add more and more. Meanwhile I’ll try to stay focused and live the rest of the 353 days to the full!

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