Sunday, 15 August 2010

New Lens. Garden Wildlife: Hide!

It was very unexpected, but I’m finally a proud owner of a lens that lets me have a closer look into insects’ life. The world below us can be fascinating indeed – all these:

perfect petals to make a perfect flower

spiky edges of a shrub leaf

soft butterfly wings

long long spider legs…

I would have experimented even more if it wouldn’t be so hot: +34C isn’t something we are used to! The air smells of apples, that are nearly ripe, but it’s unbearable to sit outside to soak it in. I’m glad the evening brings some cooler breeze, but if such heat continues, I’m scared I’ll be glad to see the first signs of autumn too...

P.S. This year I’ve decided to make some calendars using my photos, which seem to be quite popular (I mean calendars, not my photos). I plan to be very organized and get them printed as Christmas gifts for my relatives. As far as I know offers such service, but maybe there are other sites that could provide better deals? Any information would be appreciated.

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Jo_vi_ta said...

Oj tas grazus nurudes lapas ir issisketes voras! Objektyvas, matau, tikrai spintoj nedulkes!