Saturday, 28 August 2010

Holiday Photos Part 2 - GERMAN STYLE

Location: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

German Style – that‘s red bricks, neat gardens, clean streets and colourful surroundings. Everything’s so tidy! Especially in the small villages (Dorfs), where every house is covered in flowers and you never see people working on this (I even developed a theory that such gardens are tended to late in the evening, just after the sunset).

And the big cities? Well, they are just like anywhere else in the world – full of people, who seem to always be in a hurry; places that make your head spin - with too many inviting shops and a hidden sense that even a cup of tea in a local café can leave your purse “a bit” lighter…

Every detail counts, when you want to create something that catches the eye.

Cute red brick house and all the flower pots, that make it so special.

Monkey Puzzle Tree - I'm told. Would like to own one, but I'm not sure if it would surrvive Lithuanian winters.

Red bricks again. But how do you lay them like that!?

Hamburg on a cloudy day.

Overlooking the railroad tracks - all these paths that can take you further into the country.

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Dark Puss said...

Your mystery "sponge" might well be the egg cases of some marine mollusc like a whelk.

Dark Puss