Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Dog's 4th

On Sunday (November 22nd) our dog was celebrating her 4th Birthday - you could say it's serious age, no longer a puppy, but sometimes she's still as daft as only a husky can be!

We took her out for a long walk by the sea, where she went for a paddle (she won't go any deeper as she is scared of water) and wanted to make friends with every human or dog she could see!

Not everyone would enjoy such friendship, as the dog looks like a fierce wolf and we saw a few people, who were keeping safe distance. Admit it, looking at her you wouldn't think she is not dangerous - but she really isn't. She is very gentle. Well, we are talking here about a dog who lets our cat sleep in her basket and drink water from her bowl!

We saw quite a few, you might think, "crazy people", who were in the water despite the terrible weather. Can you guess what they are doing? They aren't fishing, by the way.

I'm sure these men weren't very warm (it's nearly December! and we are talking about the Baltic sea), but they were using their nets to gather amber. Yes, amber - Lithuanian gold. We had some strong winds the day before and whenever we have a storm the sea gives us back some of the prehistoric goods.

It was very sad to see that the storm had done some damage - lots of flat fish were thrown on the shore with waves and didn't manage to go back... I've never seen anything like that before. Poor fish.

It looked like the seagulls were also talking about the storm - they kept close to each other and were constantly looking around, I guess they were also secretly observing the men with nets, probably hoping for some fresh catch. They must have been disappointed in the end...

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nikkipolani said...

Kristina, your dog is beautiful. Her stance is a friendly one so she doesn't look mean at all, but that she should be taken seriously! I'm surprised she was interested in the water at all given how cold things look. Very nice shot of your beautiful dog and her master.