Sunday, 29 November 2009


One of my many hobbies is painting.

I don’t paint very often as it’s really hard to find time for it - once I sit down I usually spend at least a few hours. So I try to leave it till I simply can’t think of doing anything else.

This time for about a week I kept thinking of creating a still life with lemons in it. (I guess it’s because the weather is so miserable and I needed some bright colours.) I invited one of my friends, who shares the same interest and we spent the whole evening and half of the night painting! Well, before we started on our creations we had a lovely supper and even baked some biscuits, no wonder we finished at 2 am.

Some fruit in a bowl and two different interpretations! Really enjoyed the evening and hope to feel the urge to paint some time soon again...


nikkipolani said...

The colours in that first painting are marvelous, Kristina. I especially like the textures in the pomegranate. And the cool tones in the second one are a nice contrast to that warm sunny yellow.

6p00e00986feef8833 said...

I like this very much.