Friday, 20 November 2009

Colours of the “Sleeping” Garden

Once again I’ve been taught a lesson – I need to carry my camera everywhere! If I don’t have it, no doubt I will see something worth documenting!

You could ask “so what did you miss this time?” and I would tell you a story about a crow that panicked loudly and a young black cat, that was very ambitious and brave…

First I heard a crow, I could tell the bird was worried, but couldn’t figure out why. It was sitting at the top of a tree with its friend, both swinging on the week branches… One more glance and I realized it wasn’t another bird! It was a black cat, slowly moving towards its prey. Everything looked so terrifying, just because the branches were very week indeed…

Anyway, the crow wasn’t stupid – it flew off and the cat, being a very agile creature, happily reached the ground. So the story has its happy ending, but I just wish I had some photos to illustrate all this.

No cat and no crow, just some photos I took in the garden. We actually saw some sun today! And I managed to find bright colours in our “sleeping” garden, where the plants are slowly dying off for winter.


nikkipolani said...

I must tell you that cats and birds in action are some of the most difficult subjects to capture, so I understand if you don't have any to to go with your cute story! As for the images of your sleeping beauties, they are very nice. I can almost feel them drifting off into zzzzzs.

Jo_vi_ta said... kodel foto nera reklamuojamos?
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