Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Holidays (Part 3) – The Way Back Home

On the way to Kiel, from where we had to sail, we chose to have a look at some small towns on the coast of the Baltic Sea. We avoided motorways and kept going along narrow country roads: looking at cabbage or corn fields, admiring German gardens and occasionally smelling fresh cow sh…

The first place we stopped at was a car park in the middle of nowhere – according to the map we had to be very close to the sea, so we jumped out and hurried down a paved path. What a shame! It ended with a sign that said we weren’t allowed to carry on. We could see some buildings and satellite dishes and it turned out there was some military base.

Back at the car we spotted some people walking the other direction, crossing a field of rye and disappearing in some woodland. We had a theory they were going to the beach and we were right!

That’s how I imagine the book cover for the book ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ by J.D.Salinger (although it’s definitely not a book on agriculture!) – an enormous field of rye just ended and we came up to a huge creek.

The water was very warm, but the beach was full of stones, so it was a bit hard to walk on it and to get into the water. Well, it was the same Baltic Sea, that we are used to, but it looked so different! Even the sea weeds (fucus vesiculosus), that we also find on our coast, looked somehow bigger…

Just before reaching Kiel we stopped in a town called Strand (the name means ‘beach’) and we could straight away see that this was a place for the wealthy ones. Situated next to the Kiel Yacht Club it had cosy hotels, busy cafes and a lovely sand beach, once again filled with those German baskets (Germans must be allergic to laying on the sand!).

During our holidays we stayed close to the coast and it was so rewarding! The Germans must be so lucky to have the two seas next to each other and of course a much longer coast line than we have here in Lithuania (only 99km).

So I left the country thinking that it would be very nice to own a yacht and to come back one day to these parts at least for a long weekend…

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