Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Sense of Completion

A few days ago my friend asked me about my latest ‘projects’. She knows that I’ve always got lots on the go… it’s also not a secret that many don’t get finished – I have so many half knitted things hidden behind the sofa that buying some more yarn is always a sin! After telling her about the latest unfinished ‘creation’ I suddenly felt so guilty… I forgot my usual excuses and just got on with it!

Here’s the result, a jumper for my beloved niece.

I must admit it felt so good to have finally have it DONE, that hopefully it will inspire me for some more finishing stitches (my most famous excuse – I can’t nicely sew the knitted parts together). And then I also wondered – if the sense of completion is so satisfactory when you knit a jumper what did my father feel when he finished building our house?


The knitting pattern that I used for this jumper is really easy and it gives it a nice soft effect.

For reference please have a look at the diagram below.

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carolyn said...

It's adorable! Loce the little corsage, nice touch.