Monday, 9 February 2009

Good Ideas that Get Noticed

From time to time I have a look at all sorts of blogs that are about traveling, photography, handmade things, cooking, reading… etc. Most of them are really great and full of inspiration and I’m happy that some of the ideas, portrayed there, stick in my head as worth trying out and later on evolve into something different.

This time it’s diptychs! This idea has been first noticed on iHanna’s blog*, but can also be traced to Art Slam*. In short – it’s a ‘game’ for two players who are fond of photography. The aim is for each of you to take a photo that would represent a certain word.

I’ve chosen a partner – my old friend who lives in Sheffield and suggested 28 words, as we’ve decided to do daily diptychs for a month (this February). At first I thought it would be hard for him to keep up as after I sent him an e-mail on the 2nd or 3rd of February asking where his photos were I got a reply that he was drrrrrunk (probably was) and that they would reach me later. But at the moment I’m the one who’s behind! Hopefully I will manage to catch up…

Meanwhile here are the first 4 diptychs:

The idea that evolved – I think it would be great to do this with someone who lives in the same city as me (Mr. Kel if you’re reading this and think you’d be interested, drop me a line), but instead of the words to have addresses. We’d have to get a map out and mark some buildings that we’d be taking photos off (could be random). That way this architectural diptychs project would show how differently two people see the same buildings, what details attract their attention.

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