Monday, 29 December 2008

New Year's Resolutions

This Christmas period seems to have just disappeared without a trace. I’ve been preparing for it for ages and then suddenly we had our Christmas Eve dinner, unwrapped the presents and… and it was over.

The tree is still up, it will remain ornate till the 6th of January, but the mood has changed – it’s time to be preoccupied with New Year’s resolutions.

To be honest every year my goals are huge, but it doesn’t matter how much I try, most of them are postponed as things like getting a house built can’t happen in a day, but if you live in Lithuanian it might take you probably up to 5 years (bureaucracy I’m afraid)… I’m keeping my chin up and hope that in 2009 we’ll at least have a pond dug and some trees planted, oh and having our own fence would be marvelous! The rest is simple – loose some weight (if it’s so simple why didn’t that happen in 2008?), travel a bit more (hard to achieve when one doesn’t feel well on a plane) and finally figure out what I want to do in this life (don’t ask me how old I am as this really gets me down – I desperately need to find something I’m good at).

Right… So that not to get too depressed I wish you all a Happy New Year, let it be the one when at least half of your dreams come true! And I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the 1st of January would bring us real winter with plenty of snow for my dog to enjoy (no wonder her name's Aliaska) and for me to take photos of.

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Cornflower said...

What a beautiful dog!
I wish you good luck with your resolutions, Kristina, and a happy new year when it comes.