Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Almost a Christmas Carol

A few days ago on someone’s blog I noticed a counter that said – it’s 10 Days to Christmas! Only ten days? Can this be true? It really shocked me as I still haven’t bought anyone’s presents, haven’t planned when we are getting the tree or what we are going to put on our Christmas table!

Usually I’m a lot more organized than this, but this year I was the busiest I’ve ever been and on top of that managed to get a cold that locked me in the house for at least 5 days… I’m also under a lot of pressure as the presents, that Santa is going to bring me this year in corporation with my boyfriend, are already safely hidden somewhere in our wardrobe. I can’t believe he’s done that to me! It’s him who has to sweat on the 24th of December trying to get the last bits in the crowded shopping centers…

Yesterday I decided to pull myself together and at least sort out the Christmas cards (on several blogs I noticed I’m not the only one, who still hasn’t done this – it’s not nice, but knowing that the others are also experiencing stress encouraged me!). Anyway, I was really glad that at least the cards and post stamps were bought last month. So I made a list of friends who deserve a card, tried to write something personal for each of them, licked the stamps, placed them nicely on the envelopes, added addresses – I felt I was working in a factory! Then suddenly I realized that one of my friends has moved to another place and I haven’t got her address… After remembering that she has sent me a card and that the new address would be on the envelope I just put her and her boyfriends name ‘Jurate and Paulius’, thinking that I will add the rest of the information in the morning. Now have a guess – did I remember this?

Oh, no! It wasn’t until I got a text from this friend when it suddenly daunted on me that a red envelope that says ‘for Jurate and Paulius’ will never reach its destination… By the way, the text arrived after about 45 minutes after I’ve put the envelopes into the yellow post box (yes, in Lithuania they are bright yellow). So how daft is that? I bet it’s 10 out of 10! I then also remembered an advert for post services that I’ve seen in some magazine – ‘we always deliver your mail, unless it doesn’t depend on us’ and it had several photos of envelopes: some with illegible addresses and one with just ‘for grandma’ written definitely by a child on it.

So here I am, encouraged by someone else’s stress, talking photos of my Christmas cards that are ‘done’, so that I could brag about this, and later on feeling completely disorganized…

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