Friday, 13 May 2011

Carpe Diem

This is the tree that I've been trying to "catch" for a few years now. Don't get me wrong, trees don't move much over here in Lithuania (unless we have strong winds), it's just that every spring I am very fond of its white blossoms and tell myself that I need to bring my camera and make a few photos. It's the first year I've acctually done it! Usually the petals would fall off and I'd regret thinking "I still have time, I will do it tomorrow". Oh, well once again I'm back to carpe diem subject, when I wish I would learn to live here and now enjoying everything what life brings to its full...

I hope I can start pulling myself together and stop thinking that everything's still in the future. Hmm... sometimes it isn't easy, but I must admit it is possible! One of these things was my journey to the neighbouring country - Latvia. I took my mum there for a long weekend. We haven't been anywhere abroad just the two of us for years and I don't think she'll be rushing to do this soon again. On the day we got there I got food poisoning and thought I'd end up in a latvian hospital... Oh, my did I feel rough... Anyway, I got better and we still managed to enjoy the trip, so I will leave you with some photos of Riga.

Just don't forget the falling petals and the wise latin phrase - carpe diem.

Part 1 - Riga for Tourists

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