Tuesday, 3 May 2011

All is Good

After the marathon of holidays (Easter, a few Birthdays and Mother’s Day, oh and the Royal Wedding) it is time to finally start enjoying spring and everything it brings.

The weather was improving pretty quickly: we’ve had some days that were perfect for a relaxing walk or a few hours in an outside café and even enough sun to get sunburned! Yet today we woke up to the strangest thing ever – frosts (I guess it happens every year, but it still always makes me think: how is that possible?). Frosts in May! I’m keeping my fingers crossed this doesn’t last as the trees are about to bloom and these conditions would simply kill the crops we are planning to get in the autumn.

While the cats are acting as solar panels, their fur heating up to about 40C, I’m hoping that soon I will be able to start transferring my seedlings to the garden. At the moment nearly every window in the house is blocked by trays, pots and boxes containing all kinds of green matter (the other windows are blocked by cats of course), so as you can imagine it is a bit messy.

Still – all is good. I can no longer imagine that we had big piles of snow and it was getting dark very early in the evenings. The first flowers are out and it’s definitely the prettiest time of the year (hmm… could argue of course, but lets just say it is).

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Anonymous said...

I love the sunshine magnet on the window sill :-) I have the opposite right now with our temps reaching the high 90s (35C+). My cats are sleeping on glass tables, tiled counters, etc. I bet you are loving those first spring flowers.