Saturday, 30 October 2010


Is it really nearly the end of October? Is it really time to change our clocks and finally properly step into winter and its dark evenings!? I must have relaxed too much taking in the bright colours in the parks and haven’t noticed that lots of bloggers have already been talking about Christmas for a while! What does it make me: someone who’s behind or someone who’s just not in a hurry?

To be honest I’d like to stop the time and make the days at least a bit longer. I don’t understand people who get bored if there’s nothing decent on the television. I might get depressed thinking that there’s so much more I want to do and not the other way round. I certainly wouldn’t need anyone to entertain me… or to keep reminding me that it's "nearly" something. That's when I get stressed and, instead of doing something quicker, I stop completely.

I haven’t been stressed (not yet; wait till it really is nearly Christmas and I start panicking I haven’t got all of the presents), so I haven’t stopped. On the contrary, my blog has been neglected just because I’ve been trying to do too much: preserving autumn in between an old book’s leaves, knitting long warm scarves, painting pomegranates and still getting the garden ready for the immobilizing cold.

Well, looking on the bright side, tonight I'll get an extra hour. Will that help to fit everything in? This remains to be seen...

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