Thursday, 7 October 2010

Colour Scheme

I’m trying to choose 12 photos for my 2011 calendar, but it seems it’s too hard… I have lots of photos that I like, but I need to stick to those that would represent each month best. So far I have chosen about 15 for January and wanted to put all of them on one page as little images, but I guess it won’t work – the pc is too slow to cope with high resolution and huge files. So I’m back to the process of slowly browsing through the photos I have taken in the last 5 years and noticing something I haven’t before.

I’m still obsessed with colour and I must admit I’m happy we have distinct seasons - this makes it easier choosing photos for eg for Spetember or October. Yet with all the red and yellow leaves around us I’m still fond of green and it's shades!

I’m sure I will figure out something, maybe will even change the whole approach and have a distinct calendar with images that are linked together in a certain way (lets forget the 12 months!). Hope this doesn’t evolve too much as I’m already getting too fascinated with the colour world and the weirdest titles someone’s come up with: atomic tangerine, banana mania, electric lime… Well, wish me luck.

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