Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Week Pumpkins

I finally found time to take my pumpkin plants outside (earlier it was either too cold or I was too busy with other jobs, that needed to be done as soon as possible). They looked so miserable... long and thin stems streching out helplessly... My poor pumpkins have been in tiny containers for too long!

I planted them on the compost heap and prayed for the best....

The next moring I ran into the garden to see if they've survived. Well, what do you think? They still look a bit feeble, but to my mind they will make it! The bright yellow blossoms have opened up and I think (hope) they don't look too bad?


Sea Angels said...

They look fine to me...a little stretched but they will be ok as long as there are NO cold nights, look after them.xxxx
Hugs Lynn xxx

Sea Angels said...
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