Sunday, 14 June 2009


It’s nearly the middle of June, but looking out of the window I simply don’t believe it… The calendar must be wrong! It’s cold and miserable and it’s raining cats and dogs…

I woke up to the sound of drops attacking our roof – quite a cosy symphony, while you’re still tucked up in bed, but not as pleasant, when finishing your breakfast, you realise you’re going to be stuck at home.

In the afternoon I decided to be brave and to go outside just too make some photos – the colours look somehow brighter in the rain. I must admit I didn’t want to stay out long: one lap around the garden was more than enough!

Why do English people say it’s raining cats and dogs? Hmm… there must be some explanation… In this weather, we Lithuanians also tend to mention dogs, but we would say that a good owner wouldn’t even leave his dog outside. Mine is certainly indoors, spending her SUNday on a warm carpet.

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