Tuesday, 28 April 2009

April is for...

1. Crazy Magnolias!

The white blossoms seem to cover the whole tree and it becomes the center piece of the garden. The scent is really great too, shame it can't be captured...

2. 'Plastic' strawberries, the ones that turn up in supermarkets before you can get any from local gardeners. They aren't too bad, still not as nice as the ones that are picked from your own patch a little bit later, well, in July ;)

3. Little seedlings that have the potential to turn into something biiiiig.
(The top one grew that much just in one day - in the morning I saw that there was something happening beneath the soil and in the evening - there it was, spreading it's huge leaves. Some time in autumn it should produce those orange pumpkins that would be gladly carved by Americans for their Halloween celebration.)

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Cornflower said...

Aren't the magnolias lovely!