Saturday, 28 March 2009

Vilnius - a Perfect Target for my Camera

I didn’t realise that I haven’t posted anything on my blog for such a long time… It’s really been ages! But there are some reasons for that:

1. I’ve been very busy with my studies – at the moment my aim is to pass my sailing theory exam in the end of April. Trust me it’s much more complicated than I ever anticipated. There’s so much stuff you need to remember… I keep reading and reading and reading till I feel as if my head is becoming square – I haven’t looked in the mirror to see if it really is so, as when I reach that stage I can’t do anything, just sit on the sofa and wait till I feel better… And I’m convinced that the more I relax, the quicker it starts reaching its old shape :)

2. A friend of ours visited us last week, so we had a chance to go to Vilnius and once again to wonder in the old town and climb the castle hill. But as the capital is 300 km away from where we live it wasn’t worth going just for a day. In the end I managed to spend 3 days without internet connection! But I could engage in one of my hobbies – photography.

For your judgment a few photos of Vilnius:

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