Sunday, 1 March 2009

The 1st of March - 3 Steps for the Future

It’s the first day of spring and the sun is shining brightly as if supporting the illusion that it’s really warm outside! Trust me winter in Lithuania doesn’t want to retreat without a fight. When I took the dog out in the morning the grass was crisp and the ground beneath it – frozen. I’m sure we will still have dark days with grey skies that will make us feel that summer is not yet close – maybe it is somewhere like the Mediterranean coast… Nether the less I’m in a hurry to bring more colour into my dull life.

The first step was to get some blossoming flowers. I don’t think I will manage to keep them alive for long (maybe my fingers are not green enough?), but at the moment they are helping us to sustain good mood!

The second step was to start making a jumper for colder summer’s days. I couldn’t resist buying that colourful pure cotton yarn!

And of course I started knitting something new without finishing my old half made jumpers… Not good at all. Hopefully I will manage to force myself to finish them sometime soon… Please keep your fingers crossed!

After flicking through some old German knitting magazines I decided that the finished product should look something like this:

(This image can be found in a 2003 January issue of “Verena”; You can find this magazine online, please click on the link:

And the last and probably most interesting third step was to get involved in a new photography project. I still haven’t finished my old one (how very me!) – a brief summary with all of the images from the February diptychs will appear on this blog next week.

Anyway, this time I’m not the one who decides what the rules are… it’s down to Kel, a kiwi guy who lives in Klaipeda (I find this miraculous) with his wife Sharon (even more unbelievable – why did she agree to come here and suffer our cold winters without having hot water or heating in their bathroom?), who were “found” by me accidentally while browsing the web and “adopted” by Andrew as his closest link to English speaking population here, in Lithuania (but that’s another and even more unbelievable story…).

Anyway, I just got a message that today’s word is “soviet” and if I remember correctly the photo has to be taken inside…

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