Monday, 4 April 2011

Mrs.Beeton's Bread 'n' Butter Pudding

Last weekend I planned to bake a cake or maybe a batch of cupcakes, but my plans had to be altered as I heard “when will you make me a bread and butter pudding?” just as I was reaching for the flour… I must admit it wasn’t the first time I heard the phrase this year. This constant nagging had to be stopped, so I gave in. (For Christmas, just like a little hint, I’ve been given a book called “The Best of Mrs.Beeton’s British Cooking”, so I couldn’t even use the “I haven’t got a recipe” excuse...)

It certainly isn’t difficult to make the bread and butter pudding and it tastes good, so if you ever decide to have a go, here’s what you need:

9 thin slices of bread and butter, crusts cut off

75g currants or raisins

grated rind of 1 lemon

grated nutmeg

40-50g caster sugar + extra for sifting

4 eggs

900ml milk (can be substituted by cream, if you want your pudding to be richer)

Butter a large oven proof dish. Cut the slices of bread and butter in half or into quarters, layer them in the dish. Sprinkle each layer with a bit of currants, lemon rind, grated nutmeg and caster sugar.

Beat the eggs with the milk. Strain the mixture through a sieve over the pudding. For best results leave it to stand for about 2 hours, so that the bread is well-soaked (you need at least 30 minutes for that).

Set the oven to 180C (350F or gas 4) and bake the pudding for 1 hour, until it has risen and is golden and set. Sift some caster sugar over the top and serve freshly baked.


nikkipolani said...

Oh oh oh does this sound delicious! You had me at lemon rind -- especially since I have about a hundred lemons to pick... slight exaggeration. Thanks for the recipe and motivating photos!

Kristina said...

Oh, Anne, You and your wonderful garden with lemons! I bet they look very nice just hanging there on the trees... I wish it was warm enough here for these plants.

By the way, I could also be tempted to try something just as it has a hint of something lemony ;) as long as it's not too complicated... So if you ever have something to suggest, I'd be very glad to experiment in my kitchen.

nikkipolani said...

Hmmm... I tend to use lemons in cooking to brighten soups, fish, etc. I like lemon pound cake and lemon squares, but I don't make them often.

And, yes, we do grow columbines here from seed. I used to have a spot for them in my old garden. I should try some again :-)