Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Testing My Patience

Right… The first month of 2010 is gone and the second one will disappear even quicker, as 28 days isn’t much, is it? So I’d better start doing something interesting and useful!

We are still snowed under and an ordinary day starts with me lifting my shovel higher and higher (it’s because the snow piles are growing!). The situation on the roads isn’t good, so to tell the truth it’s so easy to give up and just stay at home…

Don’t get me wrong, nothing has stopped – children go to schools, their parents to work, shops are open and cafes at dinner time are quite full, it’s just that to get from A to B you need to put in twice as much effort as you’d need in the summer. (By the way, I have no problems with snow piles, with these you just have to lift your legs, but icy pavement is a disgrace!)

With blizzard behind the window and several seasons of English “Most Haunted” on DVD (people hunting ghosts all over the UK) my recent favorite activity in the evenings has been crochet. I’ve decided I want a proper granny square blanket! (I think that’s what they are called.)

I bought lots of colourful wool and started on the squares. After doing just one square I realized – it will take me ages… (4 per evening – need at least 16 for one row – how many rows? – maybe 7? – 8 would be better) So I guess that’s why these blankets look so nice – so much patience goes into making them.

The pattern for the squares I got from Vanessa’s blog: do you mind if I knit: . There’s a tutorial with loads of photos, so it’s perfect even for an absolute beginner.

I guess that’s all for now, as I need to make at least 4 squares in an evening and I need to stick to my plan!
Oh well, I hope I can finish this blanket before Easter…

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nikkipolani said...

Well! That should keep you busy for many weeks to come -- except when you're outside lifting out snow... If we had remotely anything like your snow here, the city would be immobilized.