Monday, 11 January 2010

Moving On – Slowly

Not much has happened recently as it’s so cold outside that the most appealing option is to stay indoors and drink big cups of hot tea. Don’t get me wrong – I do go out occasionally, especially when the weather conditions change and I’m eager to get them on my camera!

Just like this fog, that crept up unexpectedly and hid everything around us.

Believe it or not, on an ordinary day you’d be seeing a forest, but the fog has turned this path into “a road to nowhere”.

If I decided to put some wet washing outside it would freeze within five minutes. Yes it’s that cold! (I haven’t experimented yet, but I’m sure the result would be pretty amusing - “wooden” t-shirts and trousers…)

The Baltic Sea looks calm, but definitely not inviting.

The grass has turned into hay.

And the only place you could find something resembling a flower is by the running water, a stream that hasn’t been stopped, where cold has formed some graceful sculptures.


nikkipolani said...

Ooh, that foggy blue scene is beautiful, Kristina. Beautiful to look at from inside a warm cozy house, of course!

Jo_vi_ta said...

Ir vel kazkas neparode istikimiems meno gerbejams savo naujausiu foto...:)
Man patinka ta su "gabalu".

Kristina said...

Gabalas man irgi nepaprastas: nu ir uzauk gi taip - gele is ledo. Zodziu, gamta nepaliauja stebint.

P.S. Aciu uz komentarus. O tai niekas neraso... :)

Dovilė said...

ash maniau chia meduza...