Saturday, 22 November 2008

Lots of Snow

Last night the first snow finally arrived – huge snowflakes were dropping from high above onto the grey tiles in the yard. The only thing I could think of was would it keep till tomorrow? Just in case I charged the batteries for my camera, so that this time it would be different… (the other times I’m referring to are when I see something amazing that I desperately want to photograph and my camera runs out of energy).

I woke up early and heard something that could have been our neighbor scraping snow of his car. Remembering that the weather forecast said today temperature would reach +3C I jumped out of bed, grabbed my dog and camera and ran out to the fields. I was in a hurry, so I forgot my gloves… Would I need them? I thought if it’s going to be above zero then even at 8 in the morning it can’t be too cold, can it? The thermometer outside said it was -7C, but I didn’t go back in, I was so excited!

Here are the photos that I managed to take while my fingers were getting cold and the dog was pulling her lead as she wanted to play in the snow:

In the afternoon I went out again and of course couldn't resist taking more photos of this winter tale:

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carolyn said...

What beautiful winter photographs.